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We recently attended a workshop on female orgasm, which left us feeling educated, elucidated, and excited. We learned a lot about the physio-psychological phenomenon that is THE ORGASM, and ways to improve it for ourselves and with our partners. Which sounds strange at first; isn’t an orgasm sorta kinda um the best? Feeling? Ever? Well, yes, but it can be even better when it’s more powerful, and reverberates throughout one’s body, and happens multiple times …

More than anything else, though, the workshop gave us some fascinating, long-overdue info on female anatomy and its purposes. Somehow we have both reached our mid-twenties without ever having had the glorious mystery that is the g-spot properly explained to us! Ridiculous. So, we present the following in hopes that we can educate others and spread the good word …

So for starters, the g-spot isn’t IN the vagina at all. Nor is it a spot. It’s a tube of erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra. (Erectile tissue is what a dick is made of; it feels good when ya touch it and it gets bigger with arousal. Yeah.) So basically as you can see in the diagram above, the urethra and the vag are really close together, which means you can, using various instruments like vibrators, penises, or fingers, hit the tissue around the urethra through the front wall of the vagina. That feels good. Yes.

A big part of the excitement and mystery surrounding the g-spot orgasm is female ejaculation. So, first off: that fluid ain’t pee. Last night we learned what female ejaculation is and WHY IT HAPPENS. (This is huge.) That fluid originates in a gland just south of our bladders. The idea is that our bodies have the ability to flush out any bacteria that may have crept up into our urinary tracts while we were fucking, thus preventing urinary tract infections. Wow. Also, there is evidence that female ejaculate is mildly antiseptic. WOW. We never knew our bodies had this built-in hygiene system to prevent a common, painful ailment. And the cure is sex! Good, pleasurable sex that makes us come! Is anyone else thrilled to learn this? Doesn’t this seem like the kind of thing we should’ve been taught about ten years ago? Like, maybe as a part of sex ed??

Anyways, on the way home from the workshop we spotted a great MENH:

It appears to be a bird skeleton made out of knitting. We think it’s amazing.

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inaugural MENH!

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