We are Sarah Cynthia and Sylvia Stout, two humans who live in Toronto.

We like to learn, eat, drink, wear costumes, and dance. Music nourishes us and we live for live shows. We are Bonnarooers. We are road trippers. We mostly drink Caesars and we are on a quest to find the best Caesar. We love poutine (especially when it has an egg on top). We love anthropomorphising animals of all varieties. We seek mind expansion naturally and sometimes chemically.

Our magical friends inspire us, and nurture us with love and support (we are blessed). We love to observe our fellow humans. We like learning about our bodies and about sex. We love to read. We’re nostalgia junkies. We appreciate good restaurants, bars, and venues. We adore natural beauty and authenticity. We believe in kindness.

We love language and sharing our words. We believe in energy and its healing powers, and good health through alternative medicine. We love milk and whisky, but not at the same time. We believe in a world of magic. We are dreamers. We like to laugh, we love to touch, we live to love. We are here for a good time and also hopefully a long time.

And when words fail us — when something is too beautiful, too funny, too delightful, too awkward, too shiny, too sublime, to describe — we simply say mennnnh.



One thought on “Mennhifesto!

  1. nikki shep says:

    such wonderful words!!!! you guys a whole lot of awesome!

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