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Crack Spider

This is old, but it is still worthy of some attention. Who knew we had so much in common with woodland spiders?!

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Trio of Videos

I couldn’t pick one (the proverbial ice cream shop dilemma), so all three made the cut. Have you wasted any time today? If not, it’s time to get on the bandwagon! If so, stay on there! You are doing a great job of lowering the bar of achievement!

Sylvia “Is-on-Her-Third-Coffee-with-Full-Intentions-of-Brewing-a-Fourth” Stout




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I feel good!

This one’s been floating around the Internetz for years. God DAMN it’s funny! UNNH!

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Melon to melon

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How the fuck …

… have we failed to put this up sooner? Please do yourself a favour and watch this for the 27th time. I just did. And it’s still really, really funny.

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If you are not one of the 40,466,533 (and counting) people who have already watched this, you should become one. It’s better than a million melonssssss, even better than mangoesss!

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Somebody That I Used to Know – Walk Off the Earth (Gotye Cover)

Our friend Sasha introduced us to this, additional commentary not necessary.

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An Oldie but a goodie…

This is my kind of baby!

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