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Oh, Wait …..

Dammit, Gary, why ya gotta be so smart all the time?!?

In my scattershot search for more Teengirl Fantasy info, I found no trace of this interview. Gary just passed it along to me. It’s from some obscure music blog called, what is it again? Rake? Corn Broom? The Hoe? ….

… Pitchfork. Sigh. That’s embarassing.

– SC

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Gary says, Cats are for Pussies!

Why don’t you man up and get a crocodilly instead!?

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I was pleasantly surprised to hear from a bright and chipper Gary this morning; early enough that I was led to believe he only crushed a sixer last night, leaving the remaining twofour for another occasion.

I was telling him about this worm bin composter I am planning on purchasing from the Muttonhead Market, and it came out that Gary doesn’t like worms, he thinks they’re “gross”. Pretty atypical for Gary, I must say. In any event, following our conversation, Gary stepped it up and found this nasty-ass centipede video to scar me with, and by proxy, you too. However, let it be known, that for all of his hatred for these obscenely legged beasts, Gary would shed and eat his own skin in a heartbeat if nature allowed it…

Welcome to the Jungle Bitches!




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Gary says, Welcome to the Jungle, bitches!!

Gary is a close friend of ours. His interests include crushing beers, winning eating contests, and playing shot-for-shot. He is cute’s worst enemy. So from time to time we’ll invite Gary onto the Menh as an antidote to all that kitten-and-baby crap. Your afternoon just … got … real!

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