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Dengue Fever – Lost in Laos

I’ll see your James Murphy, and raise you a Chhom Nimol…

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Get Yer Kill On!

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I asked my friend My Man McCann about what he felt I should post today. I have been running around all day like a chopped chicken, and MMM frankly saved me from hours of internet surfage and content deliberation.

It may not be Friday, but this shit is off the hook

Sneak Peak:


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The Electric Acid Baseball Test

You know what’s great? Hearing a hilarious story, and then finding out that it’s true. We live in an age of smoke and mirrors and I’m sure we’re all familiar with that vague sense of disappointment felt upon realizing that something “isn’t real.” An incredible photograph that proves to be ‘shopped, or a fun human interest story that turns out to have been set up. And that damn pygmy giraffe commercial … don’t TELL me you didn’t wish THAT was real. I know you did!

I happen to be tremendously credulous: I thought “It’s All Gone Pete Tong” was a doc, not a moc … does it make it better if I say that’s because I wanted it to be true??. But today a friend shared a story with me that is just too hilarious, and it actually happened! Better yet there’s an illustrated short which I present to you below. The narrative is presented by Dock Ellis, who was a major league baseball player in the 70’s. Who threw a no-hitter while high on acid. Have you ever heard this one? It’s good evidence that the truth is funnier than fiction. Check it out!

Love, Sarah “I’m High as a Georgia Pine” Cynthia

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Christian the Lion

AWWWWWWWWWWwww… screechyhappysoundsofsnugglelove!!!

This video gets us every time!! Even with the cheesy Aerosmith song from Armageddon (fuckyoubenaffleckthetownsuckedyousuck) as its anthem, it is still the cutest best thing in the whole world. Christian we wish you were our lionnnawwwwwwwwwaskjdfba kjdfbjsdhfbv jsfhbvsdjbfgvkjb!

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Anyone who is anyone/everyone who works in the service industry should know about this hilarious spin off of #whatshouldwecallme

It’s all true!

Here’s one of our faves:


Check out the rest here.

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Kids These Days

Re: budget cuts affecting the fate of the High Park Zoo.

I just saw this over at and had to pass it on. What a hilarious kid. As much as I’m sure the child’s parent or caregiver probably had a hand in the creative direction of this piece, I’d love to think it’s 100% the work of a little human with her eyes and ears wide open.

Here‘s the original article. Hope you have a relly great day.

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Mitch Hedberg

“I used to do drunks, I still do, but I used to, too.”


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Talking Heads – Life During Wartime

This is one of my most cherished, all-time favourite pieces of live music footage. The outfits? The aerobics? David Byrne’s dance moves? The synth solos? Tina Weymouth’s bangs? So perfect.

If I was in a band and I saw this, I would probably just give up.

– Sar

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Heehee’s Forever!

Turn your subtitles on! (Press the “CC” button at the bottom of the vid).

(found on Jezebel)

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Spring Round 2

Friends, Family, lovers, and strangers alike united on this beautiful spring day to share in the second real day of warmth this year.

We hit up Trinity Bellwoods, laid out our blankets, cracked our tall cans, and collectively created this beautiful sketchbook mural – all with the sun at our backs.

Spring has certainly sprung! MENhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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Dear Blank Please Blank

I came across these a while ago and had a good giggle. I have posted some pretty versions (originally found here) but also check them out at Dear Blank Please Blank dot com.

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Chatty Chat!

Leesten to ME!! MeEEENnnnNNNnHH! Menh!

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you shure do got a raight purdy mouth!





















Check out 31 more pictures you must see before you die here!

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Rest, Child

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White Town – Your Woman

Remember this? “Now 2” 4 Lyfe!

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To sleep, perchance to dream … of pockets

Pocketful Pantaloons
















If you’re a lady and you’re wondering where to get the best pyjama bottoms, ever, the answer is: H&M menswear. They’ve been hiding these pants from us but I found ’em and I got ’em and you should too! They’re too baggy, and too long, which is exactly how I want them to be. Also, they have pockets! Which lady pyjamas never seem to have. Without pockets, where are we supposed to put things? In our marsupial pouches? I wish! Up our vaginas? Well … only in certain situations. In our purses, which major retailers presume are permanently fixed to our shoulders? FUCK THAT. Gimme pockets!


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