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Nicholas Cage Cats

… Need I say more?

You should really continue the laughs on BuzzFeed.

Sylvia “Thank-God-People-Think-This-Shit-Up” Stout

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Dengue Fever – Lost in Laos

I’ll see your James Murphy, and raise you a Chhom Nimol…

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I asked my friend My Man McCann about what he felt I should post today. I have been running around all day like a chopped chicken, and MMM frankly saved me from hours of internet surfage and content deliberation.

It may not be Friday, but this shit is off the hook

Sneak Peak:


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OFO is a Go!

Jill, Jenny, and Geneva, the bad-ass bicycling trio and founders of Odyssey for Opportunity have flown the coop, even if their adventure commenced earlier than originally intended. Alas, every big challenge walks hand in hand with smaller challenges, no? As I sit here and write this, Jenny and Jill are sitting side by side in an old RV en-route with all of their equipment to BC.

I was lucky enough to share an evening with my Jill a week or so ago; where we got a little tipsy (hurricane drunk in actuality), and spoke candidly about her upcoming trip. The natural emotions were all present; she said she feels excitement, apprehension, pride, but also… she said she is scared shitless. If I were about to embark on a 75 day journey, on bike, across our beautiful if sometimes treacherous nation, I would also be terrified.

What struck me as most interesting about our dialogue was the ways in which Jill described the manifestations of her fears. She is isn’t really afraid she won’t be able to accomplish this feat, her drive to succeed and prove the value in what they are doing for the cause is too great. Instead she is fearful of all the time she is going to be spending inside he own head. I had never really thought about the tertiary challenges aside from things like weather, road conditions, tune-ups, and physical exhaustion, and Jill called to my attention the mental and emotional exhaustion that I am sure each of the three will experience at least a few times during the trip. The three of them are together yes, but when you are cycling on the Trans-Canada, you are doing so in single file, always remaining alert of the oncoming and very present dangers… transport trucks anyone? You can’t wear headphones safely, and you can’t really speak to one another because it is too damn loud. Eight hours in your own head under these conditions would be challenging to even a well versed shaman.

But Jill, Jenny, and Geneva, we tip our hats to you and your pilgrimage, which is exactly what this trip will be about in the end. Without a doubt, these three will return home in late August changed, both in subtle and obvious ways, and I can say confidently that I will be a little envious. Not many people in their lifetime pull off such an extraordinary accomplishment, and the pride I have about it on their behalf is bubbling over and splashing at my feet.

Girls, I sincerely hope you have a chance to read this during your downtime before the trip soldiers ahead because you should know that every single person in your life it cheerleading for you. Big hugs everyday, and lots of love and support every moment.

Sylvia “Can’t-Wait-to-See-the-Size-of-Your-Legs-in-August-cause-Dem-Bitches-Will-be-HUGE!!” Stout

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Trio of Videos

I couldn’t pick one (the proverbial ice cream shop dilemma), so all three made the cut. Have you wasted any time today? If not, it’s time to get on the bandwagon! If so, stay on there! You are doing a great job of lowering the bar of achievement!

Sylvia “Is-on-Her-Third-Coffee-with-Full-Intentions-of-Brewing-a-Fourth” Stout




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The Hole

Humans are habitual beings, it is a part of the condition we all live by. Often this means we repeat bad habits, or actions that do not serve us or our journeys well. The beautiful thing about self awareness and open mindedness is the ability it lends us to evolve and make changes, regardless of how insurmountable this challenge may seem. A friend of mine sent this my way recently, I do not know who the original author is… but I love it.

Sylvia “We-all-have-our-holes” Stout

I walk down the street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I fall in.
I feel lost…I feel helpless.
It isn’t my fault!!
I’m not responsible.
It takes forever to find a way out.

I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I pretend I don’t see it.
I fall in again.
I can’t believe I’m back in the same place.
But it isn’t my fault.
I don’t feel responsible.
It still takes a long time to get out.

I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I see it is there.
I still fall in……it’s a habit.
But my eyes are open, I know where I am.
It is my fault.
I am responsible.
I get out very quickly.

I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I walk around it.

I walk down a different street.

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Over brunch this morning at the Drake, while sipping our much needed Caesars and mowing our Benedicts, we discussed with great hilarity the phenomenon known as shirtcocking. I have actually experienced a shirtcocker in the flesh, unfortunately for me, many years ago while riding the very busy 501 across town. Quel sue-prise.

The streetcar was stalled at Leslie, and from my seat in the back I could hear a commotion taking place at the ‘cockpit’. (Pun most definitely intended.) A man — I want to recall him as being homeless although it is entirely possible he was just your run of the mill weirdo — was trying to pay his fare to the driver who was demanding the man exit the car immediately. “You can’t ride the streetcar like that, sir, please step off.” At first I didn’t even bother investigating; as not much is worthy of such an effort on the wretched albeit at times entertaining 501.

My attention only piqued when the man refused the driver’s demands for immediate departure, and began vehemently defending his right to ride the streetcar as he was. I could only see part of him from where I was seated so I leaned sideways in my seat and had a gander. My first thought was, “What the fuck is the hold up here, he seems fine to me.” However,  as my eyes scanned the vagrant from head to toe, I realized abruptly what the issue was. He was wearing a collared shirt, perhaps even a jacket, but that was all. No pants, no underwear, and apparently little regard for the societal requirement that at all times when in public, we wear at least one of these things, if not both. This man was getting his shirtcock on.

The thing about shirtcocking, is that is catches you off guard; startles you abruptly into looking directly at a man’s bits with little to no prior warning. Blatant public nudity would be more forgiving because at least your brain can immediately register the offense, but with shirtcocking you almost feel like the asshole with your pants caught around your ankles. I am interested to know who else would agree with this, but a penis and balls out and about without context is a bizarre and oftentimes unsettling sight.

Of course at the time I had no such name for this shirtcockery. It was Sarah who brought to our attention that the term had some early linkage to the Burning Man festival. Burning Man welcomes individuals from all walks of life, and freedom through self expression is encouraged in every form. Except one. While at Burning Man, thou shalt not shirtcock.

Seth Stevenson wrote an article about Burning Man for slate.com that you should read here. The following excerpt highlights the ardently frowned upon act of shirtcocking at the festival:

“There was, however, one form of nudity that everyone seemed to agree had no place within the Burning Man community. This is the type of nudity known as “shirtcocking.” Shirtcocking is when a man wears a top but is naked from the waist down. I have also heard this look referred to as “the toddler,” or “Porky Pigging.”

For reasons that are hard to fully explain—if you’ve witnessed the phenomenon you know this is true—shirtcocking is disquieting to the observer’s soul. Visually disturbing to an extreme degree. People at Burning Man are so averse to shirtcocking that I saw several posted signs vehemently denouncing the practice. And yet there were shirtcockers.”

So maybe the man trying to board the TTC that fateful day was neither a homeless man, nor a garden variety weirdo, but a harmless shirtcocking exile from Black Rock City.  In any case, this observer’s soul was disquieted.

Rock out with your cock… in,


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Dusty and “Gut”ted: A Weekend in the woods

This morning we woke up late and well rested to offerings of hot, fresh coffee and french toast drenched in real maple syrup with a side of mimosa. Our gracious hosts really know how to entertain their guests; every little detail has been considered for us, all activities have been planned out ahead of time. Hospitality epitomized: Just when you are hungry, a charcuterie spread appears. You have a thirst that needs quenching? A cold beer or glass of wine materializes as if by magic. This easter getaway has exceeded all preconceived expectations, and isn’t that a wonderful feeling? We have included a slideshow for your perusal, highlighting some of the days activities… so far…


SC & SS.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Talking Heads – Life During Wartime

This is one of my most cherished, all-time favourite pieces of live music footage. The outfits? The aerobics? David Byrne’s dance moves? The synth solos? Tina Weymouth’s bangs? So perfect.

If I was in a band and I saw this, I would probably just give up.

– Sar

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Many heartfelt thanks to all that came out for the Official Daily Menh Launch Party last night at Poutini’s! To all of our friends, old and new, your attendance meant the world to us. Each and every one of you has fueled our inspiration and given us reason to empty out the contents of our minds onto the pages of this blog! Weloveyoulongtime!

Your submissions, requests, commentary, and feedback are always welcome and desired, so drop us a line anytime! Email us at menh@thedailymenh.com, find us on Facebook, or tweet @TheDailyMenh; we would love to hear from you! We will be posting lots of pictures of the event over the coming days, so stay tuned!

We will leave you with this in the meantime:

We were reminiscing the other day about all the movies we harbored obsessions for while growing up. It was decided that most of them were in fact really not made for children at all, but rather came from the fucked up minds of bored creatives, who took some sort of sick satisfaction in subliminally scarring their impressionable viewers.  The Labyrinth is an obvious example, and this video hits the nail on the head. Whether or not you are a Labyrinth-phile, (we find people either love it, hate it, or haven’t seen it), this video is pretty funny. You should watch the whole thing, but 2 minutes in is where the real magic happens. David Bowie we are not quite sure what it is, but you got away with something here.

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Heehee’s Forever!

Turn your subtitles on! (Press the “CC” button at the bottom of the vid).

(found on Jezebel)

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Dear Blank Please Blank

I came across these a while ago and had a good giggle. I have posted some pretty versions (originally found here) but also check them out at Dear Blank Please Blank dot com.

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mid-day meme…

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Odyssey for Opportunity

Jill Brennan, Jenny MacLean, and Geneva Winterink are going to bike across Canada this coming June because they are badass.

They are badass because they want to give under-privileged  children across this great nation an opportunity to play sports. They figured that the first way to make this happen was to start a charity and to name it Odyssey for Opportunity. Biking across the country to raise awareness and funds for their cause is the platform. These three chicks could finish a colosseum of enraged minotaurs without breaking a sweat, but alas we don’t live in Rome so pumping the pedals for over 8,000 KMs is the next best thing. Did I mention that they are badass?

The Players:

Roughly three years ago Jenny returned to her hotel after celebrating the end of the World Ball Hockey Tournament in Newfoundland. It was the wee hours of the morning when in walked three cyclists and Jenny jokingly inquired as to whether or not like she, they had been out painting the town. They responded that no, in fact they had just arrived in Newfoundland after having finished cycling across the country. This little nugget of inspiration made a huge impact on Jenny and ever since then she has wanted to herself partake in a gesture so grand.

Geneva it has been said, entered into this world twenty four years ago swathed in sports gear, cleats and all. She spends most of her spare time coaching children in a variety of sports, so to embark upon a charity driven adventure seemed to be a no brainer. It was decided last January 2011 that Jenny and Geneva would undertake the massive challenge of cycling across Canada to raise awareness and support for children who have not had the opportunity to get involved in sports, whether recreationally or competitively.

Jill, another born sports enthusiast, decided to join the ranks because she knew that an opportunity like this simply doesn’t present itself everyday. She has never done anything like this before, and claims that, “it would take more training and discomfort than I have ever known.”  Masochism meets philanthropy, I like it! Before OFO she had no real experience with fundraising, and is overjoyed to be given the chance to affect the lives of others on such a grand scale… that and Peachtree TV discontinued re-runs of Saved By the Bell.

The Plan:

The trip will commence this coming June out of Vancouver, BC. The trio expect to do it in 75 days making roughly 75 stops along the way, barring any unforeseeable delays. That is approximately 8,105 KMs and on some days they will bike for a duration of 8 hours. My gluts ache just thinking about it. They are going to have a small team of drivers accompany them in a donated trailer, so that they will have a mobile kitchen, washroom, and a place to stay, as camping may not always be a viable option. There have been fundraising events planned for some of the stops along the way and they hope to accrue some supportive cyclists for certain legs of the trip, a la Forrest Gump. They will complete the journey in St. Johns Newfoundland mid-August. I hope to be there to greet them with a flurry of back slaps… and beer.

The Sponsors:

Their concept has been incredibly well received so far, and while they are waiting eagerly for feedback from their desired title sponsor, they have quite a few reputable allies on board thus far. These include Napoleon BBQ, Durham Regional Police, Skiis and Bikes, and Toronto based eco-fashion label Muttonhead Collective. OFO holds charity events to further their progress as well. In November they had a Bar Night at Alto in Toronto and at the beginning of March they are holding a charity bowling event in Oshawa… More to follow of course.

How You Can Help:

Check out their website and their blog for more information, their route and stops, to make a donation, or to send it on to spread the good word. We will also be making regular updates during the ride with pictures and videos of their experiences. We are very excited and enthused to support such an amazing group of women, and their epic cause. Get on Board!

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We love Permanent Daylight

Raina Douris was born from a fairytale. I know this because I have met her unicorn.

Take a glimpse inside her mind by checking out her awesome prints: Permanent Daylight. I have posted some of my favourites in the meantime.

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you shure do got a raight purdy mouth!





















Check out 31 more pictures you must see before you die here!

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