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Dengue Fever – Lost in Laos

I’ll see your James Murphy, and raise you a Chhom Nimol…

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The Best of Both Worlds

I was recently reminded of this old quote, which I believe was popularized with the release of the 1971 movie Fiddler on the Roof: “A bird may love a fish, but where would they build a home together?” I playfully teased a good friend with this conundrum, to which they astutely albeit cheekily replied, “is the fish a Mudskipper?”

Here look nature…boom… we have it! It is called MUDSKIPPER? I defaulted to David Attenborough, my great and worthy advisor on all things wildlife related for the answer. Why spend half the afternoon watching Mudskipper videos on Youtube? Well… because I love this shit…

Syl “ALWAYS break for nature!” Stout.

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Goodbye, goodbye, I’m sailing away to Tennessee to see some bands, knock off a few brain cells, and commune with my furry brethren. See?

It was at Bonnaroo last year that Sylvia and I first fell in love. The drive down was a daisy chain of laughter and fun, and our whole experience at the Farm was vibrantly coloured by our newfound infatuation: each other. Thus it is with greatest sadness that I part from my beloved Syl for a whole week; she simply shan’t be coming to Roo this year! After all, someone has to earn some money around here!

So in honour of my friendiversary with Syl, I thought I’d share some honeymoon pics. These are all from Roo 2011. More to follow upon my return. For now my darlings, feast your eyes on these beauts …..


Syl messing around with Gary. I’m not sure it’s water in that Camelbak.


Sometimes what you need to stumble upon at seven am is an impromptu dubstep party!


Now that I think of it, this was the first time I’d ever encountered a Spirit Hood. Funny how much things change in a year, non? PS: I still love you Tim. You, and your moustache.


Gary about to go shank a bitch.


Some Roo freaks and geeks.

Love you all and promise to keep you at least sporadically informed of my … activities …
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Another Day in Paradise

My senses feasted all day today. If senses could get full the same way that a stomach does (thank golly they don’t!), mine would be plum-stuffed.

Let’s talk for a minute about the Toronto Island. The TI is clutch. I don’t know why I have wasted so many summers of my life deciding NOT to go over to the island because it is “too much of a commitment.” SHOULD HAVE HAD A MOTHERFUCKING V8 on that one Syl.

As I sit here toasty from the sun, dirty from the sand, dried-sweaty from the heat, I feel completely enchanted by the magic of this day. We took the ferry over to Hanlan’s Beach (clothing optional cha-ching!!!), which is immensely if not somewhat surprisingly lush, and sat all day in the sun, drinking rum, and smoking joints; frolicking in the too cold water, and flying a big kite. The air was electric-heavy with that summer haze that slows the senses and allows you to see everything as if it were new. Alright, alright, the hydro probably assisted with that, but seriously… if you have a chance to go over to Hanlan’s this summer – take it. If not, then stop being fucking daft like I was for so long and commit to a day over there, because otherwise you are doing nothing short of missing out.

To cap off my wonderful evening I am going to find a patio and get a little tipsy and share a million laughs with an old friend, who no doubt will inspire me to write about something absurd that I will later share with you.

But first I am going to drop this video. Love the music, love the video, love the concept, love the Sufis and their mystical, mind-consciousness bending movements. Love the giver.


“Sylvia “It’s-Time-To-Get-Dickered” Stout

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F.M. 4 Evahhh

This popped up on my newsfeed today and made me smile.

Freddie Mercury was such a weird, cool cat. Who else could rock an overbite that way? If you have never seen live footage of Queen before, please do watch this. The swagger and the strut of this man are unparalleled. He’s a magician and a prancing prince letting his freak flag flap all over the place and I love him forever for that.

– SC

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Christian the Lion

AWWWWWWWWWWwww… screechyhappysoundsofsnugglelove!!!

This video gets us every time!! Even with the cheesy Aerosmith song from Armageddon (fuckyoubenaffleckthetownsuckedyousuck) as its anthem, it is still the cutest best thing in the whole world. Christian we wish you were our lionnnawwwwwwwwwaskjdfba kjdfbjsdhfbv jsfhbvsdjbfgvkjb!

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Farewell MCA

Yesterday we said goodbye to Adam Yauch, also known as MCA of the Beastie Boys. What a sad month for music … first Levon and now this. Fuck you, cancer!

This video pretty much encompasses everything we love about the Beasties. It runs around half an hour, and if you haven’t seen it, for god’s sake check it out. It’s the best. Thank you MCA for being so awesome.

Love, Sylvia and Sarah

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Doom Squad

Sometimes, when I wander up the pathways of my mind, I remember …

Running on a pine needle carpet, among the trees, warpaint on my face. Sitting round a fire, lying back and staring at the Milky Way. Strange rituals, talismans, codes written on birch bark and unravelled. Symbols scratched into the dirt. Meaning in the forest. Intention in the lake. Soul in the stones. A heartbeat in the earth …

Hear it?? Listen!



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Avalanches – Since I Left You

Happy Sunday Afternoon! I love this song, this group, this album SO MUCH. I don’t know how I went all this time — like, my whole life until ten minutes ago — without seeing the video. What creative geniuses. Make another album …. please? …. someday? ………..

I’ll wait.

Love, Sarah

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Dusty and “Gut”ted: A Weekend in the woods

This morning we woke up late and well rested to offerings of hot, fresh coffee and french toast drenched in real maple syrup with a side of mimosa. Our gracious hosts really know how to entertain their guests; every little detail has been considered for us, all activities have been planned out ahead of time. Hospitality epitomized: Just when you are hungry, a charcuterie spread appears. You have a thirst that needs quenching? A cold beer or glass of wine materializes as if by magic. This easter getaway has exceeded all preconceived expectations, and isn’t that a wonderful feeling? We have included a slideshow for your perusal, highlighting some of the days activities… so far…


SC & SS.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Schitz Popinov

Originally introduced to us by Wolf “Ghostprom” Haddock, aka the new father of consciousness heightening sound art, we are once again transfixed; this time by the awe inspiring mixes of Vancouver based and aptly named Schitz Popinov. We believe the music speaks for itself, so have a listen… you won’t be disappointed!

More Ear Candy here.

Keep it real,


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Gypsy Flashmob

The Lemon Bucket Orkestra is, in their own words, “Toronto’s only Balkan-Klezmer-Gypsy-Party-Punk Super-Band.” I don’t know much about them other than that they’re fucking full tilt boogie fantastical. We were lucky enough to have a few members play at a party we hosted last summer, but I caught my first full LBO performance last weekend, on the Saturday night of CMW. Walking home from the Horseshoe with a friend, we passed French restaurant La Palette. The front doors were open, and we could see that the whole Orkestra was playing whilst standing on the bar, so naturally we stopped to watch … and naturally we ran into a friend … who naturally offered us some all-natural herbal refreshment … and that was it. We couldn’t remember what our prior plan had been. We didn’t care that my ladyfriend had a band practice in seven hours. We didn’t even know our own names. We were completely absorbed into the flow of the experience … egoless, anonymous, joyous.

Eventually, the whole Orkestra dismounted from the bar, and came out onto the sidewalk. They played on, dancing, marching, and climbing all over La Palette’s rickshaw (parked out front). At one point, my 19-year-old raver self awoke to say OHMYGODDDDDIKNOWTHISSONNNG … the saxophonist was honking out the riff from Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction. I’m sure we’ve all leapt up and down while maniacally panting “Push me – and then just touch me – so I can get my – Satisfaction” at least once or twice, but I never thought I’d be doing it to a live, acoustic, gypsy rendition of the song. Look!!

Thank you to whoever had the presence of mind to film that and then put it up on YouTube!

Anyways, the Orkestra ended up leading us in a parade up Queen St, all the way back to the Horseshoe from whence we came. Their wild energy seemed boundless. We were laughing, panting, red-faced, and sweaty, just from dancing along, and we weren’t even playing instruments. These magical people are so emphatically the real thing — true, good players who love what they do — and they frankly blew every show I saw as part of CMW out of the water. (Except Ben Caplan. And maybe Zeus.) Here’s another video some beautiful soul shot that night. Enjoyyyyy!

– Sarah Cynth

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Fresh Guacamole by Pes

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Spring Round 2

Friends, Family, lovers, and strangers alike united on this beautiful spring day to share in the second real day of warmth this year.

We hit up Trinity Bellwoods, laid out our blankets, cracked our tall cans, and collectively created this beautiful sketchbook mural – all with the sun at our backs.

Spring has certainly sprung! MENhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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“Shake” – photographs by Carli Davidson

I love these photographs. Check out more here.

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Spank Rock – Baby

Mennnh! Happy Saturday!

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We love Permanent Daylight

Raina Douris was born from a fairytale. I know this because I have met her unicorn.

Take a glimpse inside her mind by checking out her awesome prints: Permanent Daylight. I have posted some of my favourites in the meantime.

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All We Wanna Do is Bonnaroo, Roo, Roo!!


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Word up

Forelsket is a Norwegian word that does not have a direct English translation. The closet English phrase is “New Relationship Energy” or NRE, which describes the euphoric state that one experiences upon first falling in love with another. Butterflies are aflutter in your belly anytime you think about, see, or hear this persons voice, you wear a dopey, mindless perma-smile like this season’s hottest fashion accessory, everything in the world is alight with positivity, the cute and affectionate couple at the grocery store checkout become your secret accompli, not your worst enemies, time can quite literally stand still while you spend hours in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, naked and joyful… just the two of you. Ooey-gooey, blissful, pins and needles LUSTLOVE. YES PLEASE!

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Shel Silverstein











If you are a dreamer, come in,
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer…
If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire
For we have some flax-golden tales to spin.
Come in!
Come in!

“Invitation” by Shel Silverstein

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