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The Roo Done Did Me In!

After a week of feasting my senses on the cosmic insanity that is Bonnaroo, I’m back in Toronto. I like it here, I think. Seems a bit drab, but after all, it’s home. I’m still shuffling and reshuffling the deck of cards I wrote my memories on, piecing together Polaroids and little snippets of songs. I’m in a daze. Sylvia just took a short video of me and this is what I look like:

I can’t find my camera but I have been able to track down a couple of images that illustrate the severity of this year’s Bonnaweird levels. See?

Look, a Unibaby! Since the elven folk over at Little Hippie were kind enough to take this photo for us, I will share their Facebook page with you.

And this … well … I don’t know what to say about this one. It was seven am … Umphrey’s McGee was jamming hard … and … some things happened. No one understands what, exactly, led to this photo being taken. No one understands why I gave my PHONE NUMBER to the guy flashing peace signs in the back of the shot. But I did, and that’s how I acquired this photo.

Peace and Love,

Sarah “Two Hot Dogs One Bun” Cynthia

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Goodbye, goodbye, I’m sailing away to Tennessee to see some bands, knock off a few brain cells, and commune with my furry brethren. See?

It was at Bonnaroo last year that Sylvia and I first fell in love. The drive down was a daisy chain of laughter and fun, and our whole experience at the Farm was vibrantly coloured by our newfound infatuation: each other. Thus it is with greatest sadness that I part from my beloved Syl for a whole week; she simply shan’t be coming to Roo this year! After all, someone has to earn some money around here!

So in honour of my friendiversary with Syl, I thought I’d share some honeymoon pics. These are all from Roo 2011. More to follow upon my return. For now my darlings, feast your eyes on these beauts …..


Syl messing around with Gary. I’m not sure it’s water in that Camelbak.


Sometimes what you need to stumble upon at seven am is an impromptu dubstep party!


Now that I think of it, this was the first time I’d ever encountered a Spirit Hood. Funny how much things change in a year, non? PS: I still love you Tim. You, and your moustache.


Gary about to go shank a bitch.


Some Roo freaks and geeks.

Love you all and promise to keep you at least sporadically informed of my … activities …
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Waiter Art

“Mama and Her Bebes”

By Martine, with thanks to Tap Phong

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Photog Dad = Cute Overload

An adorable little monkey named Merrin came to us with a post request, and one that I am happy to fulfill.

Jason Lee is a photographer with a sense of humour and an outside the box mentality about creativity. When his mother was diagnosed with cancer, he couldn’t always take his two (simply edible) little girls to visit her, so he created these images using his own ideas, and theirs, to keep her abreast of their day to day activities. Please read the full story here, and in the meantime I have shared some of my faves.



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Dusty and “Gut”ted: A Weekend in the woods

This morning we woke up late and well rested to offerings of hot, fresh coffee and french toast drenched in real maple syrup with a side of mimosa. Our gracious hosts really know how to entertain their guests; every little detail has been considered for us, all activities have been planned out ahead of time. Hospitality epitomized: Just when you are hungry, a charcuterie spread appears. You have a thirst that needs quenching? A cold beer or glass of wine materializes as if by magic. This easter getaway has exceeded all preconceived expectations, and isn’t that a wonderful feeling? We have included a slideshow for your perusal, highlighting some of the days activities… so far…


SC & SS.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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It’s like Friday Only Earlier!

Hey friends,

Checked out a couple of things tonight on my way home from work …… and somehow I just got home and it’s almost midnight and wow don’t you love making a meal of cheese, crackers, crudités, and open bar?

After a winesnack at the Gabardine, I headed to a very unusual photographic exhibition. The featured artist, Francis Bedford, has been dead for over a hundred years. But now, the students of Ryerson University’s Photographic Preservation and Collections Management program have resurrected him — and his work.

Back in the day, photographers used albumen (egg white) to bind chemicals to paper from a negative … i.e., to print a photo. So Bedford’s original prints contain organic matter, which changes with age. It was really interesting to see how different images have aged, according to how well they’ve been preserved.

We had a good look at the photos, which depicted landscapes, architecture, and some of the Prince of Wales’ travels. (Which Queen Victoria commissioned Bedford to photograph.)

Here are some pics from the event, which runs to Saturday, April 28 at the I.M.A. Gallery ….







I think the name of the exhibit alluded to how sickening it was to live in a Victorian city, and how everyone who could afford to would jaunt off into the country at the slightest provocation. Kind of like how Sylvia and I intend to seek some solace in the Kiwarthas this weekend? See Arcade Fire’s generational anthem Sprawl II for more info ….







Our beautiful, enthusiastic, knowledgable host and tour guide, Robyn Zolnai.







And stuff.







DID YOU KNOW??? They had 3D glasses back in the day???

After checking out a pop up shop in some sort of incredible industrial loft-gallery space further west on King, we made our last chance for romance trips to the LCBO and the supermarket. I wandered the aisles of the Metro eating pilfered chocolate Easter eggs, then embarrassed myself at the self-checkout, and insisted on buying a Sourz Dino-Egg With Prize from the candy machine in the foyer. But, but it was for Sylvia I tell you!!

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend … or at least a lucrative one, if you have to work. We’ll be frolicking around in nature for a couple days, reminding ourselves what trees look like, and seeking some solace from the grit and the grind of Hogtown.



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What is Art?

Ellen Cherry had commenced to unbutton his fly when, staring at the ceiling, he asked, “How do people go about making pieces of art?”
“What do you mean?”
“Just what I said. How do you make art?”
“You ought to know. Didn’t you make that ‘significant’ turkey some famous museum bought and hasn’t paid for yet?”
“You know as well as me that I didn’t start out to make anything significant.”
“Artists hardly ever start out to make significant art. And if they do it’s usually a flop. Help me with these buttons, hon.”
“I don’t get it.”
“And you’re not going to get it if we don’t take your pants off.”
“If artists don’t set out to make significant art, what do they do?”
“Oh, Boomer.” She sighed, and abandoned his fly. “Maybe they do set out to make something significant, in a roundabout sort of way, but it’s not like setting out to make something practical or useful. For one thing, it’s more like play than work. On the other hand, they don’t have a whole lot of choice in the matter. The good ones make art because they have to make it – even though they probably won’t understand why until after it’s already made.”
“But how do they know what to make?”
“That’s dictated by their vision.”
“You mean it comes to ’em like in a dream?”
“No, no, it’s seldom that dramatic. Listen, it’s really pretty simple. If there is a thing, a scene, maybe, an image that you want to see real bad, that you need to see but it doesn’t exist in the world around you, at least not in the form that you envision, then you create it so that you can look at it and have it around, or show it to other people who wouldn’t have imagined it because they perceive reality in a more narrow, predictable way. And that’s it. That’s all an artist does.”

– Excerpt from Tom Robbin’s Skinny Legs and All, page 179.

Is this art?

Frieke Janssen’s Smoking Kids:


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“Shake” – photographs by Carli Davidson

I love these photographs. Check out more here.

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